Tunisia is an integral part of the world economy network and is committed to quality and innovation to sustain the global competition. The performance of Tunisian companies is a key factor to their success and we, at JBCO, are firmly committed to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with top quality and reliable services that support their operations.

Our firm was founded in 1981 and we were in the first list of member of the Tunisian Institute of Certified Public Accountants when it was created in 1983.

We have been trained and educated within the Big Five (now Big Four) environment since 1973. We chose Moore because we share the same culture and vision of the profession, and we are now members of this network since 2003.

For 35 years, we rose to the challenge of quality and we are now certified ISO 9002. This certification is not an objective in itself, it is rather a mean to maintain a high quality service in the long term.

We are the first runners when it comes to change and adaptation to the market place, to ever changing technology and innovation. We deliver knowledge to our clients by sharing reliable information.

Everyday, we endeavour to ensure that our Tunisian companies are hooked to the Worldwide information network and enjoy the latest leading technology. At the same time, we deliver our people's best expertise, creativity and experience, to the Multinationals investing in Tunisia.


Jelil Bouraoui