The Firm

The Firm Jelil Bouraoui & Co is a firm of chartered accountants and consultants founded in 1981 with a Limited Liabilities Company status and with a capital of 220,000 TND. 

Jelil Bouraoui & Co (JBCO) is a member of the Tunisian Institute of Chartered Accountants. JBCO had the opportunity to work for and is recognised by the main international financial institutions including the WORLD BANK and the African Development Bank. The firm is certified ISO 9002 for the chartered accountancy, the financial and legal audit. 

Structure of Jelil Bouraoui & Co 

Because of its culture of excellence , Jelil Bouraoui & Co choose to hire and employ highly qualified professionals who are committed to apply the cutting edge best practices and to continuous training. 

At present, the Firm consists of: 

  • 7 qualified and chartered accountants
  • 6 accountants
  • 3 accounting trainees
  • 1 legal consultant
  • 3 adminisitrative employees
  • 3 logistic employees

Jelil Bouraoui & Co permanent and multidisciplinary structure is the most suitable organization to serve national customers’ local particularities. In addition, foreign customers benefit from the personnel’s international context awareness. 

Jelil Bouroui & Co recognizes that its personnel is the most important resource it has and hence it has considerably invested in recruitment and training.